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Diecaster, are you aware about the high competitive prices of your end-product?


With growing energy prices, growing material prices, increasing salaries and daily harder competition, any cost reduction becomes a blessing for you and reducing your cost becomes a daily job for you.


Are you aware that material losses in your melting/holding equipment cost you fortunes everyday?

For every 1000 TON produced today in your factory with standard melting furnaces you are losing EVERY YEAR between 70.000 to 100.000 euro only on material burned away and oxidized. 


Are you aware that energy losses in your melting/holding equipment eat all your profit?

Energy losses in your melting and heating equipment will add to this material losses several 10.000 euro every year per 1000 ton parts produced.


It's Time to Take Action and start having Good Profit again.

An Innovative Compact Beside Machine Melting and holding furnace for the use in the Aluminum Die Casting Industry with auto loading

Cost-Saving Technology

Save 5-7% material - Save minimum 30% energy - Increase your cast quality - Reduce inclusions

These state-of-the-art, energy efficient melting systems reduce hydrogen porosity, inclusions, and metal contamination. Metal loss is less than 1% due to an undisturbed bath with very limited surface area and no combustion by-products which greatly reduces dross formation.

Additionally, degassing time and expense are dramatically reduced, and high energy savings are generated with the heat recuperation system in the exhaust.

Affordable Super saving furnaces for the aluminum industry

Low Cost Furnaces for saving money in the die cast industry.

Our furnaces melt right at the die casting machine to replace energy-wasting central melting!



Melting at the machine replaces energy-wasting central melters, super-heating, molten metal delivery ladles, launders, and holding furnaces.


Shaft furnace melted metal typically yields castings with 20% better mechanical properties due to the elimination of water vapor from the gas-fired products of combustion without pre-heating and drying. Water vapor contaminates aluminum by forming oxide (hard spots) and hydrogen porosity which degrade casting mechanical properties.


Because sludge formation is time and temperature dependent, eliminating the superheating required by central melting and its associated hot metal delivery systems, and quickly turning freshly melted alloy into castings, sludge formation can be effectively minimized, reducing casting "hard spots" and weakened mechanical properties.


Magnesium and strontium, so critical to structural die casting properties, are less affected when melted and quickly formed into castings, but can "fade" to dangerously low levels when exposed to high superheating temperatures in central melters and long time delays as the alloy slowly moves from central melter, through hot metal delivery system and holding furnaces. 


Each furnace in each casting cell can melt a different alloy.


Achieved with unique proportional controls, small temperature fluctuations as result of immediate use of the melted metal. No time to cool down!


One furnace with dual automatic pouring ladles will feed TWO Die casting machines. Big savings.


Each furnace is not much bigger than a standard furnace. No need for seperate central furnace or seperate degassing system.


With our STANDARD auto loading function , we do save huge manpower and extend the time capacity of each cell.

Stop talking, start saving.

Shortes ROI in the market : Payback your investment within ONE year.

Are you looking for the most cost effective, highly efficient and Eco-friendly furnace?

Our Profitherm PRO-III-AL furnaces have the capability to melt pre-alloyed ingots and foundry returns and additional continuous melting and blending with machining chips. The combined melting process will provide clean quality molten metal on demand for casting cells, with very low metal loss and with the correct temperature uniformity and alloy composition always.

We offer a new concept in energy efficient melting and holding with material saving technology that pays-off your investment within ONE year.

  • Unparalleled energy efficiency and metal yield
  • Energy savings till 70% compared to standard furnaces
  • < 1% melt Loss
  • Tapped temperature control to +/-3°C
  • Highest metal quality with much lower gas inclusion levels
  • Highest level of pureness, all dirt inclusions stay in the melting oven
  • Mass volume melting technology brought beside your die casting machine
  • Immediately re-melting of scrap
  • The new industry standard for aluminium melting/holding for die casters
  • No explosion of scrap containing liquids due to predrying
  • Full controlled burning in protected enviroment.

With energy costs continuing to increase, thermal performance is rapidly becoming the most critical operating parameter for furnaces.

By using the latest high tech energy saving techniques, we obtain compare to standard furnaces we can bring down your energy cost with 30 to 70%

The potential for energy and cost savings suggested by the Computer modelling simulations has been confirmed in foundry trials and show that our Profitherm PRO-III-AL furnaces offer significant energy savings and reductions in CO emissions compared to conventional furnaces.

This is why our developers are constantly working on new cost-saving technologies. For example, a holistic analysis of furnace body, fire-proof lining and burner design allowed the efficiency of the Profitherm PRO-III-AL to be improved even further. Reduced energy consumption, maximum material yield, low wear, simplified lining concept: the Profitherm product line offers unique advantages for efficient production.

Aluminum melting solutions

Melting, holding, treatment and complete integrated delivery systems